Hayao Miyazaki - Masa Depan Animasi


Hayao Miyazaki - Masa Depan Animasi

Wawancara John Lasseter bersama Hayao Miyazaki tentang masa depan animasi dan soal computer grafis dalam animasi.

JOHN: Where do you see the future of animation drawing going?

MIYAZAKI: As long as there are people who are doing hand drawn animation, I think will continue to exist.

Both pencils and computers are tool to make our stories. even though the pencil might be an old tool, it is still a tool and we can still use it.

so as long as the tool can be used, I think it will be a way to draw animation.


I had an illusion about computers. I thought that computes would do the tiresome tedious work of drawing that we didn't want to do.

I realized that was a mistake, and that actually people were using the computers to event more tiresome things that made it tiresome for us later.

The computer can draw with a certain exactitude, and then we exactly as the computer does.

So the computer methodology enters our brain, and the animators who weren't that good to start with get lousier and lousier in drawing.

I want to take that the computer out of our brains and just be able to draw what we see with our eyes, so I disbanded the computer graphics section.

I tell my animators now, don't worry about how many pages of animation you're drawing, don't try to limit yourself. Event if we draw many, many pages, we still save not having to buy another computer.

Of course we use computers for camera work that we do, and they are coming up with all kinds old techniques to make things look better.

I said we got rid of our computer graphic departement, but it's not that I fored everybody, those people who wanted to move to other sections, moved to the other sections of the studio.

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