Site spotlight: Blender Indonesia


Site spotlight: Blender Indonesia

[] I was contacted by HizaRo, who has created a nice site for the Indonesian Blender community. It has news, tutorials and a gallery. When I read the pages my brain feels like it’s in a knot, with texts such as ‘Tujuan dari kompetisi ini adalah menjaga semangat bersaing dan kreatifitas antar anggota’ ;-) Still, great job – I hope the Indonesian Blender community will benefit from this!

HizaRo writes:
Hello, my name HizaRo. I live in Jakarta-Indonesia. Work on the game developers as animator. I was one of the lovers Blender and early August will start soon inaugurate the portal for Blender user in Indonesia. While blender is developing quite well in my country, then that is the blender to create org indonesia. Hope I can be a central Blender software development especially in Indonesia, and opensource in general. Looking in August. Thank you.


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